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As captain, surely you will be a member of the cooperation?

If you take an account at LogoS (a Pro as well as a Light account) you will become a member of the cooperation. Thus you will help build the LogoS Market Index, so you and other member-captains will gain better freight prices, as well as getting an overview of the profitability of your trips.

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Which accounts can you choose from?

You will receive a free Pro account for the first three months. After that trial period your account will be automatically downsized to a "Light" account. This last one will cost you nothing, but of course you will have less functionality. For a mere € 12,50 per month excl. VAT you can continue your Pro account. What is the difference?

Feature Light Pro
Calculation of your best possible freight charge
Insigth into how your trip compares to the market in general
Insight in how a trip affects your turnover
View the impact of your fuel and lubricant costs
Insight in how your working hours affect turnover
Turnover graph with overview table and quarterly results
Your personal LogoS|index in graphs
Your own profits and losses calculation.
Forum. Meet other captains and get answers to your questions
Overview of trips you entered max. 30 days
Download trips (for e.g. MS Excel) max. 30 days
Compare estimated vs. real hours
Your own quarterly results
Your own overviews by year
Compare your year results with the rest of the industry
Profit optimization: choose the most profitable trip
What does it cost? free! € 12,50/month excl. VAT