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1. Definitions.

"Account": the account on the website which is accessible through a login and password for Users and Sub-users;

"LogoS online market calculation": officially named "De Europese Coöperatie voor de ontwikkeling van online vrachtprijs en markt calculatiemodellen", as meant in the statute of LogoS, established at PO Box 408, 3300 AK Dordrecht, The Netherlands, phone number +31 653509020, e-mail address and website

"Services": the services rendered on this website and/or other services stated in the Terms & Conditions;

"User": User or Sub-user of the website and/or information (a single user from one of these categories as well as users of several categories combined);

"Member": the party with which LogoS enters into an agreement;

"Information": the information supplied to Users, either via this website or as part of the Services of LogoS;

"Agreement": the agreement between LogoS and the Member, based on which the Member is registered with LogoS and LogoS delivers services to that Member;

"Sub-user": an employee of, or a person otherwise employed by and subject to the responsibility of the User, who is registered as user of Services with both the User and LogoS;

"Terms": the terms stated below, consisting of Part A (General), Part B (Terms for User Management) and Part C (Terms for Online Market Calculation);

"Treaty": Benelux treaty concerning the intellectual property (brands and drawings or models);

"Website": the website of LogoS and the domain and domains residing thereunder, including subsequent pages;

2. Applicability

2.1 Part A (General) of the Terms is applicable to the use of the Website and the Information. Part B of the Terms (User management) applies to the registration of the User, the Sub-user and the (realization of the) Agreement. Other parts of the Agreement, insofar as these apply to the specific Services stated in those parts, as well as those Services in themselves.

2.2 Tasks entrusted to LogoS through the Treaty and the accompanying regulations for Execution, among which are, but are not restricted to, the registration and management of the register of brands and drawings or models, are solely controlled by these regulations (and not through these terms).

2.3 LogoS reserves the right to change or add to the terms (or parts thereof) at all times.

3. Use of Website and Services

3.1 LogoS establishes the terms through which the Website and Services may be used. LogoS can not guarantee that the Website and Services will always function without hindrance or delays, also due to maintenance and the dependency of Website and Services on the Internet and technologies currently under development. LogoS strives to avoid disturbances and hindrance deriving therefrom as much as possible.

3.2 Users are themselves responsible for electricity needed, connections, hardware, (the installation of) software and appliances, and other provisions to set up a connection to the LogoS Services.