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LogoS provides insight in inland shipping

Calculate online based om market insight.

Market insight by
by private inland
shipping entrepeneurs.

Fresh everyday.

Logos is a non-profit cooperative. By captains, for captains

Your confidential information is stored anonymously in your personal account.

The Light version is free, the cost of a Pro version is quickly recovered.


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Free and no strings attached

Market information on which captains count.

You will have a free trial account for the first three months with the full functionality available in LogoS. After the trial period you have a choice:

  1. Either you will stop using it (but we're sure you wont't),
Or, after a one-time contribution to the cooperative of € 35,00
  1. your choose to use a Light account with limited functionality, or
  2. you choose to use a Pro account (only € 12,50 excl. VAT per month) and you have the full functionality at your disposal.
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Beter negotiation

You calculate a trip easily online. With the barter module you can immediately see the impact on your total costs. Even while you charterer still on the phone.

With the barter module, price are immediately re-calculated

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Better entrepreneurship

The calibration tonn turover lets you immediately see the results for your own company

All results at your fingertips

Every forecast or trip produces a calibration tonn turover. Compare it into your profit & loss account and see how the trip contributes to your annual income. Every journey again.

Will it be profit or loss?

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Beter marktinzicht

Continu heb je toegang tot overzichten van ontwikkelingen en trends uit de markt. Direct, actueel, to the point, en exclusief voor leden.

Een voorbeeld van je eigen prestaties t.o.v. de markt:

LogoS heeft indexen op o.a. tonnage en ladingtype

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